In addition to the intricate design and sale of bespoke jewellery, Angela manages and hosts parties and workshops which teach the fundamental aspects of bead jewellery design.


With a large emphasis to all attendees on the making elements of jewellery, the parties and workshops are tailor suited to both the event and the audience.

With birthday parties ranging for 7 years and above, it offers a uniquely stylised theme for a birthday and an unusal insight into this profession.

All children attending birthday parties are able to keep the items of jewellery which they have made during the party. With a huge selection of beads, we offer different party packages. For more information please see below.

In addition to the above, Angela now offers the option of attending jewellery workshops. Aimed at an older audience, attendees are taught the elements behind bespoke jewellery design and making.

Parties- suitable for 8 years+
£90 for up to 8 people
£8/ head for any extra up to 12 in total.
1 1/2 hour - 2 hour session.
Choose from a large range of beads to make a necklace and either a bracelet or a pair of earrings (hooks or clips). Please note that a call out fee will also be charged.
Forth coming Events and Workshops  

Please see my blog at for details of upcoming events and workshops.